PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Richter

PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Richter

Head of group CFD-modeling of high-temperature processes (VIRTUHCON)

Zimmer DBI 301

Telefon +49 (0) 3731 39 4801
A [dot] Richteratvtc [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

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Group CFD Modeling of High-Temperature Processes
Since 2015Research Group Leader ProVirt, CIC Virtuhcon
Since 2014Head of group CFD modeling of high temperature processes, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Since 2013Research Group Leader Interphase Phenomena, CIC Virtuhcon
2010 - 2013Research Associate, CIC Virtuhcon, Interphase Phenomena, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Okt./Nov. 2010Visiting Researcher, Technical University in Liberec, Department of Power Engineering Equipment
10. Juli 2009Defense of Ph.D., Technische Universität Dresden, Title: Numerische Untersuchungen des aeroakustischen Verhaltens des Fagotts
2004 - 2010Research Associate, Technische Universität Dresden, Institute for Aerospace Engineering
2004Graduate Assistant, Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Fluid Power
1998 - 2004Studies of Mechanical Engineering, Technische Universität Dresden, Applied Mechanics
Research topics

Fields of research

  • CFD-modeling of gasifiers (high-pressure partial oxidation, entrained-flow gasification, fluidized-bed gasification, slag-bed gasification)
  • Numerical studies of metallurgical processes (roasting, bed smelting, blast furnaces)
  • Design and modeling of high-temperature test reactors
  • Studies on isolated particles in high-temperature environments (heat and mass transfer, pyrolysis, gasification, particle shape development)
  • Heat and mass transfer in porous media
  • Sub-model development (e.g. slag film, carbon conversion, pore growth)


  • Angewandte CFD in der Verfahrenstechnik
  • Physikalische Verfahren I  – Adsorptionstechnik
  • Simulationswerkzeuge
  • 09/2017 Honorable Manuscript Award, International Pittsburgh Coal Conference
  • 2017 Outstanding reviewer - Chemical Engineering Journal
  • 2017 Outstanding reviewer - International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
  • 2017 Outstanding reviewer - Fuel
  • 2017 Outstanding reviewer - Fuel Processing Technology
  • 2017 Outstanding reviewer - Applied Mathematical Modelling
  • 2017 Outstanding reviewer - Powder Technology
  • 07/2009 Promotion with honours, Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik, Technische Universität Dresden

Selected publications

Rößger, P., Richter, A., 2018. Performance of different optimization concepts for reactive flow systems based on combined CFD and response surface methods. Computers & Chemical Engineering 108 (2018) pp.232–239

Voloshchuk, Y., Vascellari, M., Hasse, C., Meyer, B., Richter, A., 2017. Numerical study of natural gas reforming by non-catalytic partial oxidation based on the Virtuhcon Benchmark. Chemical Engineering Journal 327 (2017), pp. 307-319.

Förster, T., Voloshchuk, Y., Richter, A., Meyer, B. 2017. 3D numerical study of the Performance of different burner concepts for the high-pressure non-catalytic natural gas reforming based on the Freiberg semi-industrial test facility HP POX. Fuel 203 (2017), pp. 954-963.

Safronov, D., Förster, T., Schwitalla, D., Nikrityuk, P., Guhl, S., Richter, A., Meyer, B., 2017. Numerical study on entrained-flow gasification performance using combined slag model and experimental characterization of slag properties. Fuel Processing Technology 161 (2017), pp. 62-75.

Laugwitz, A., Rößger, P., Schurz, M., Richter, A., Meyer, B., 2017. Towards a validated CFD setup for a range of fluidized beds. Powder Technology 318 (2017), pp. 558–568.

A. Richter, M. Vascellari, P.A. Nikrityuk, and C. Hasse.
“Detailed analysis of reacting particles in an entrained-flow gasifier.”
In: Fuel Processing Technology 144 (2016), pp. 95 – 108.

S. Schulze, A. Richter, M. Vascellari, A. Gupta, B. Meyer, and P.A. Nikrityuk.
“Novel intrinsic-based submodel for char particle gasification in entrained-flow gasifiers: Model development, validation and illustration.”
In: Applied Energy 164 (2016), pp. 805–814.

A. Richter, P. Nikrityuk, and B. Meyer.
“Three-dimensional calculation of a chemically reacting porous particle moving in a hot O2/CO2 atmosphere.”
In: International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 83 (2015), pp. 244–258.

A. Richter, P. Seifert, F. Compart, P. Tischer, and B. Meyer.
“A large-scale benchmark for the CFD modeling of non-catalytic reforming of natural gas based on the Freiberg test plant HP POX.”
In: Fuel 152 (2015), pp. 110–121.

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