Division Plant Operation / Workshop (PO)

The “Plant Operation / Workshop“ division is involved in the design,  construction and operation of bench-scale and large-scale  pilot plants. These plants enable investigation, process  development, equipment performance assessment and  optimization under industrial operating conditions. Diverse  experimental activities contribute to the realization of  innovative process concepts and process chains. 


  • Designing, planning, construction and operation of  bench-scale and large-scale pilot plants
  • Assessment of process design parameters for industrial plants 
  • Optimization of process design and equipment  
  • Sampling under real process conditions (high pressure and temperature) 
  • Development, implementation and operation of highly specialized measurement equipment  
  • Provision of synthesis gas products for external for external application
  • Optical flame visualization under high pressure high temperature conditions
  • New robust and highly efficient gasification burners for extreme operating conditions

Operated plants:

  • HP-POX pilot plant 
  • STF gasoline pilot plant 
  • FlexiSlag pilot plant
  • KIVAN High pressure drop tube gasification reactor 
  • COORVED fluidized bed gasifier

Current projects and references

Current projects:

  • Construction and operation of moving-bed slagging gasifier to obtain design specifications for “difficult” feedstock, development of measurement methods for slag behavior and gas flow in the moving bed under high-pressure conditions (SBV project) 
  • Investigation of reaction kinetics up to 100 bar under different gas atmospheres (VIRTUHCON project) 
  • Commissioning, operation and optimization of a fluidized-bed gasifier including the optical measurement of the particle flow under operating conditions (COORVED-project)

Former projects:

  • Investigation of syngas production from gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons for different operation modes applying the HP POX plant (industrial R&D project, COORAMENT project) 
  • Demonstration and performance of test programs to prove and optimize a new gasoline synthesis technology (Syngas-to-Fuel project)

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