Group Technologies for Solid Fuels Gasification (TSG)

The development and optimization of commercial/future gasifiers for the chemical conversion and utilization of carbon resources are conducted by the “Technologies for Solid  Fuels Gasification“ division. Accordingly, the influence  of feedstock type and quality and process  parameters such as temperature and pressure on  operation results are analyzed. Addressed processes are investigated by applying various computer-based  simulation tools as well as empirical non-dimensional  correlations. Calculation results are presented as thermodynamic indices, exergy analyses and multi- dimensional maps (ternary diagrams). Additional topics  include the gasification of low-quality (low-grade  and/or high-ash, high melting) coal, the development of novel/advanced gasification concepts as well as the optimization of established commercial  technologies.


- Evaluation and comparison of commercial gasification technologies:

  • Thermodynamic efficiency under different operation conditions
  • Plant concepts
  • Investment and operational costs

- Development of novel/advanced gasifier concepts:

  • Reactor design
  • Gas-solid flow pattern
  • Feedstock blending
  • Feedstock feeding concepts 
Current projects and references

Current projects:

  • COORVED – Demonstration and simulation of a novel, staged fluidized bed (10/09–12/16); BMWi No.: 18oOir3Z
  • Fuel Gas BGL – Optimization of tar/oil production in fixed bed gasifiers (01/15–12/17); BMWi No.: 03ET7043
  • Optimization of quench chamber geometry by means of coupling CFD Simulation and genetic optimization tool

Former projects:

  • Experimental investigation of slag properties and slag flows at 40 bar in a large scale gasifier (SAB No:. P1000920079
  • Detailed numerical simulation of the slag-flow behavior under changing material properties using VOF method in OpenFOAM (TEIMAB project, BMWi No.: 0327797B)
  • Development of full water quench and partial water quench designs for entrained-flow gasifiers using coupled flow sheet and CFD simulations in aspenPlus and ANSYS Fluent (HotVeGas II project, BMWi No: 0327773G)
  • Numerical simulation of an entrained-flow gasifier using Euler-Lagrange framework in OpenFOAM (HotVeGas II project, BMWi No.: 0327773G)
  • Flowsheet simulation of a process chain for a material based production of various products from central German lignite. Development of a reactor network model for kinetic 1D modeling of gasification of fuel blends in ASPEN Plus (ibi project, BMBF No.: 03WKBZ06C)


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