Group Syngas Technologies (ST)

The generation of synthesis gas through high-pressure partial oxidation and the synthesis of high-quality feedstock are important process steps of modern XtL routes. EVT  operates a high-pressure synthesis gas plant for the  gasification of liquid and gaseous carbon feedstock  (HP POX – High Pressure Partial Oxidation) that is connected to a gasoline synthesis plant for the generation of high- octane gasoline out of synthesis gas (Syngas To Fuel – STF). The “Syngas Technologies“ division focuses on modeling, planning, evaluation and test campaigns which are jointly  carried out with the plant operation team. In addition, further development of gasoline synthesis is carried out at lab scale (STF+ test plant).


  • Generation and evaluation of complete sets of experimental data obtained from HP POX pilot plant operation
  • Material and enthalpy balances, thermodynamical modeling 
  • Evaluation of trace components formation relevant for gas cleaning and utilization, e.g. HCN, NH3, COS and organic acids 
  • Optimization of the gasification process for different carbon feedstock 

Gasoline synthesis R&D:

  • Generation and evaluation of complete sets of experimental data obtained from STF and STF+ pilot plants
  • Material and enthalpy balances, thermodynamical modeling 
  • Optimization of operating parameters to improve modeling
  • Optimization of operating parameters to improve gasoline quality
  • Overall system analysis
Current projects and references

Current projects:

  • Construction and operation of a STF+ test plant for the synthesis of gasoline from renewable methanol, and investigation and assessment of quality of future fuels (TU BAF subproject in the Kopernikus project P2X: “Exploration, Validation and Implementation of ‘Power-to-X’ Concepts”), funded by BMBF (BMBF No. 03SFK2M1), Audi, CAC, OMV, Shell and VW (third-party funding), Duration: 09/2016-08/2019
  • Gasification tests for the generation of a reference data set for the CFD modelling of the non-catalytic gas reforming and for practical tests of new burner concepts

Former projects:

related to high-pressure partial oxidation:

  • Gasification of hydrocarbons and slurries by high pressure partial oxidation (HP-POX) funded by BMWi (BMWi No. 0327113) and SMWK and mg engineering (third-party funding), Lurgi AG (sub-contractor), Duration: 10/2001–12/2005 
  • Further development of IGCC power plant technology with CO2 capture – COORAMENT funded by BMWi (BMWi No. 0327113B) and SMWK (EFRE) and Air Liquide Group (third-party funding), Lurgi GmbH (sub-contractor), Duration: 12/2005–06/2010 
  • Oxygen reforming funded by Air Liquide Group (R&D project), Duration: 07/2010–06/2013

related to gasoline synthesis:

  • Development of a new technology for the production of high-octane gasoline from synthesis gas funded by SMWK (EFRE) (Project No. 12826/2135 and 13263/2135) and Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH (third party fund), Duration: 08/2008 – 06/2013 
  • Test campaigns at the STF plant funded by Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH, Duration: Q4/2013


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