EVT offers a full spectrum of services to companies, organizations and individuals tailored to your business:

 Scientific and technological consulting

  • Identification and evaluation of advantageous conversion routes for carbonaceous fuels
  • Independent technology consulting for companies
  • Technological evaluation (e.g. reactor design, burner design, refractory, components, feedstock preparation, handling of products and by-products)

 Lab services (esp. high temperature/pressure)

  • Fuel analyses and evaluation
  • Thermal analyses and characterization of fuels
  • Pore structure analyses
  • Mineral matter analyses and characterization (e.g. slag viscosity)
  • Pyrolysis and gasification behavior (kinetics), characterization of feedstock and products

 Process routes evaluation

  • Development and modeling of syngas production routes (XtY)
  • Energetic, environmental and technological evaluation
  • Estimation of CAPEX and OPEX (pre-feasibility)
  • Feasibility studies including technology selection and economical evaluation
  • Supporting different project phases

 CFD simulation

  • Detailed analyses of processes, designs and components
  • Development and optimization of improved designs and components

 Utilization of large-scale test plants

  • Test campaigns with existing plants for specific fuels or research topics
  • Determination of fuel suitability or process applicability

 Joint technology development 

 Utilization/transfer of patents for commercialization

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Affiliated Institute of TU Bergakademie Freiberg
We are your partner for development and optimization of high temperature and high pressure conversion processes. We have a focus on chemical utilization of solid, liquid and gaseous feedstocks as well as metallurgical applications. We offer services from lab-scale to pilot-scale and from CFD simulations to technology development.

Contact: Stefan Thiel M. Sc.

E-mail: infoatdbi-virtuhcon [dot] de