Group CFD-Modeling of High-Temperature Processes (CFD)

The tasks of the “CFD Modeling of High-Temperature Processes“ division focus on the modeling of high-temperature processes across the entire spectrum ranging from chemically reacting particles to the complete reactor. One key aspect is the development of models and strategies for the simulation of high-temperature reactors such as fixed-bed, fluidized-bed, and entrained-flow in metallurgy and chemical engineering. Fundamental research on subsystems is incorporated into the development of advanced sub-models. These sub-models are then integrated into reactor models for an improved simulation of reacting fluid-solid systems. Based on insights gained through such advanced modeling, optimization strategies can be developed for an accelerated adaption of existing technologies as well as for the development of new technologies.

Since 01 October 2021, the CFD activities are continued at the professorship Modeling of Thermochemical Conversion Processes.


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