Compact Courses Gasification

EVT offers intensive courses in the field of gasification  technologies. The courses aim to provide a detailed introduction to the scientific fundamentals and technologies of:

  • Gasification
  • Synthesis gas production
  • Synthesis gas purification
  • IGCC power plants

Leading commercialized gasification technologies such as  those from Shell, GE, Siemens etc. are presented in detail. Furthermore, the course program provides introductions to various simulation software tools and visits to lab facilities and large-scale test plants.

The courses are aimed at:

  • Process and development engineers
  • Plant engineers
  • Executives of companies in the fields of plant construction, carbon conversion and utilization
  • Development companies in the fields of thermal fuel technology, power plant technology, waste management etc. who would like to update and expand their knowledge on gasification processes and technologies.

The limited number of participants allows for an intensive and comprehensive presentation of this scientific field which is tailored to individual participants. By re-quest, special courses for different audiences or participants can be arranged to meet specific needs. To ensure a high level of quality, experienced specialists from the industry are invited to present special topics in the courses.

Since 2006, the IEC has regularly offered two to three courses per year. Representatives from leading national and international companies have participated in the courses for example Arvos, Alstom, BASF, E.ON, GSP China Technology, Haldor Topsoe, Hydro Oil and Energy, Linde, Johnson Matthey Davy Technologies, Lurgi, Lyondellbasell, MAN, Nouryon, Remondis, RWE, Shell, Siemens, SUEZ, Total.

Courses 2021


Compact Course – Fundamentals of Gasification & Pyrolysis

Schedule and Dates will be published soon.

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Tailor-made courses can be offered on request. Topics may be:
  • Gasification modelling (Simulation of reactive flows, thermodynamic modelling) 
  • IGCC modelling (Overall complex) 
  • Ash-slag-modelling 
  • Gasification technologies (Advanced seminars on coal gasification processes, oil and gas processing)
Past courses
201916/09-17/09Compact Course - Fundamentals of Gasification ProcessesSchedule
201817/09-18/09Compact Course - Fundamentals of Gasification ProcessesSchedule
201718/09-19/09Compact Course - Fundamentals of Gasification Processes Schedule
201626/10Compact Course – Fundamentals of Gasification processes 
201520/04-22/04Compact Course - Fundamentals of Gasification Processes 
201422/05-23/05Short Course - Gasification Processes
201327/05-29/05Compact Course - Fundamentals of Gasification Processes
201217/09-18/09Short Course - Gasification Processes
201125/10-26/10Short Course - Gasification Processes
2011 06/06-09/06Compact Course - Gasification Processes 
201105/04-06/04 Short Course - Fundamentals of Gasification Processes
201018/10-21/10Compact Course Gasification
201031/05-03/06Compact Course Gasification
200919/10-21/10Compact Course Gasification
200912/10-16/10Compact Course Gasification
200922/06-26/06Compact Course Gasification
200810/11-12/11Compact Course Gasification
200822/09-24/09Compact Course Gasification
200726/11-29/11Compact Course Gasification
200718/06-21/06Compact Course Gasification
200705/02-08/02Compact Course Gasification
200623/10-27/10Gasification and Syngas production - Fundamentals, Modelling and Technologies
200613/03-14/03Grundlagen der Vergasungstechnik 
200606/02-10/02Gasification and Syngas production - Fundamentals, Modelling and Technologies
200505/10-19/10Einführung in die Vergasungstechnik und Gasaufbereitung