Publications 2021


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Conference presentations

Reinmöller, M., Schaefer, J., Hommel, C., Klinger, M., Schreiner, M., Kleeberg, J., Meyer, B. Process analysis and investigation of the high-temperature agglomeration behavior in fluidized-bed gasification. 1st European Conference on Fuel and Energy Research and Its Applications (FERIA), Nottingham, United Kingdom, 05. – 07.09.2021

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Reinmöller, M., Lee, R.P., Gräbner M. Application of alternative carbon sources to thermal processes. Talk at the 72nd BHT – Freiberger Universitätsforum, Freiberg (Online) 09. – 11.06.2021

Reinmöller, M., Scharm, C., Laabs, M., Schwitalla, D. H., Guhl, S., Meyer, B., Gräbner, M. Relationship Between Properties Of Feedstocks And Process Slag Samples From BGL Fixed-bed Gasification Of Waste Materials, 7th International Symposium on Gasification and its Application, Nancy, France (Online), 27. – 30.09.2021

Lee, R.P., Wendt, H. 2021. From Coal-to-X to Waste-to-X: Historical and current developments to promote resource efficiency, resource conservation and circularity via sustainable utilization of coal and waste. Waste Now! Histories and Contemporalities of Waste, 09.06.2021, Online, China & Finland.

Reinmöller, M., Lee, R.P., Gräbner, M. 2021. Application of alternative carbon sources to thermal processes – A brief overview of future technologies. 72. BHT Freiberg University Forum, 09.-11.06.2021, Online, Germany.

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Gräbner, M., Lee, R.P., Seidl, L., Meyer, B. 2021. CCU & Alternativen für die Verkehrswende. DGMK Seminar „CCUS – Ein Baustein für die nachhaltige Kohlenstoffbereitstellung“, 18.05.2021, Online, Germany.

Meyer, B., Lee, R.P. 2021. Methane pyrolysis for turquoise hydrogen: Potential contribution to energy transition & requirements for large-scale technical realization. FSR Webinar on Industry Experiences & Prospectives in Pyrolysis – “Pyrolysis Hydrogen: Truly Neutral or Negative, will it be Competitive?”, 17.03.2021, Online, Italy.

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