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discussion with female scientists from the JRC

The project Erfolgsteam „Junge Frauen an die Spitze” (Successful team “Young women to the top”) has started in May 2012 at the Centre of Advanced Study and Research (GraFA). The project was realised within the framework of the concept on the implementation of gender equality at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

We give female doctoral students and students with the intention to do a doctorate (close to the end of their studies) the chance to acquire skills in a team for an up to three year long period. Along with excellent research, these skills are essential for a successful university career today. The female young scientists receive methodical trainings, group coaching and will organise a “strategy-trip” to Brussels. They will also regularly meet outstanding women from science and economy which enables them to build up their own network.

Within the programme the female doctoral students get prepared for an early participation in international competitions, fundraising of scholarships, and the cooperation for publications. They will also be coached to participate actively in conferences, in networking with other scientists, to organise conferences and colloquia as well as to support a student peer group.

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