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Basic programm doctorate

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One component is regular welcome event for entry into doctorate and research. All new doctoral students receive an invitation. If you missed this event, you can find the following events

Management und Führung in der Wissenschaft


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scientif work

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Hochschuldidaktische Weiterbildung


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phd accompanying programs

Junge Frauen an die Spitze


In this project female doctoral students were prepared at an early stage to participate international competitions and conferences, to acquisite scholarships, to work on publications, toalign conferences as well as to superwise peer groups of students. 

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EMPOWER is a two-year practice-orientated training which empowers docotral students from developing or emerging nations to develop projects which are necessary for their country in an ecological, political, economical and social development way.

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CircPro is a three-months training for docotral students who want to be future experts in manufacturing and materials science. The aim is to focus on innovation competence and entrepreneurship regarding recyclability of new materials.

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Healthy Leadership

“Healthy leadership” is a key qualification that will play an increasingly important role in the complex and accelerated world of work.

The advanced training program is a one-year, practice-oriented training program for young researchers. It is implemented with workshops, shortcuts as well as peer group meetings and project work.

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Scientific Diving Center



At the Scientific Diving Center of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg doctoral students have the ability to absolve a training in scientific diving.