On this page you will find information about funding opportunities for your habilitation.


1 State support programmes

2 Private Foundations

3 EU programmes


1 State support programmes

1.1 Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

individual grants for postdocs

  • operating funds (funds for staff, scientific equipment, consumables, travel, and publications)
  • duration of the support: project-specific, usually several years)

research grants

  • for postdocs who want to carry out a research project in abroad or who want to familiarize themselves with a new research method
  • duration of support: usually two years (scholarship and monthly lump sum for consumables and travel)


  • Supports the attainment of the qualification to do professional teaching at a university
  • Enables postdoctoral fellows, who have more than 2 to 4 years of research experiences after their doctoral graduation to lead their own group of young academics
  • Usually five-year funding, appropriations for staff and consumables

Heisenberg Programme

  • Based on the Emmy Noether programme ⇒ for already habilitated PhDs



1.2 DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service

  • Short research scholarships as well as yearly research scholarships for young academics with doctoral degree


1.3 Communication and Information System KISSWIN (Kommunikations- und Informationssystem)

  • extensive investigation tool for young academics in all phases of qualification
  • Enables academics to search for possible scholarships or grants in their particular research field, whereby all existing types of support and of funding organizations are being taken into consideration - both state or private



2 Private Foundations

2.1 VolkswagenStiftung

  • Supports research projects and habilitations of postdoctoral students in all disciplines
  • "Lichtenberg-Professorships" (Assignment of professorships to German Universities, Sponsorship of appropriations for staff and consumables for 5 years, Requirement: University continues with the professorship)

2.2 Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft

  • Funding of research projects, award of scholarships and publication grants
  • Most important instrument: endowed chairs
  • Sponsorship of appropriations for staff and consumables for 5 years

3 EU programmes

Researchers can apply for an individual fellowships (IF) if they have either a PhD or at least four years of full-time research experience after their graduation. An age restriction does not exist.

Individual Fellowships (IF) support the implementation of individual research projects (free choice of topic) at academic or non-academic institutions in Europe and beyond. The aim is to support the scientific career of researchers through international and intersectoral mobility towards an independent research position.

The Individual Fellowships are available as

  • European Fellowships (EF): for researchers of any nationality who wish to conduct research at a host organization in an EU Member State or Associated Country. Duration of funding: 12-24 months.
  • Global Fellowship (GF): for researchers of European nationality or researchers, who have continuously worked in Europe for at least five years. They must carry out their project at a host institution in a third country and then do research in a twelve-month return phase at an institution in a EU Member State or Associated Country. Duration of funding: 24-36 month

IMPORTANT! Mobility rule: researchers mustn't have lived or worked or studied in the country of the host organization longer than twelve months within the last three years prior to the application deadline.

FINANCES: The scholarships are attractively equipped and include

  • for researchers: monthly salary, mobility allowance (and if applicable family allowance), research funds.
  • for host organizations: grant for administrative and indirect costs.
APPLICATION: The host organization together with the individual researchers. The final application must be submitted by the host organization. The application is a one-level procedure. For more information please visit the website of the EU-office of the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) Applications must be submitted online via the Participant Portal.

LEaDing Fellows Programme

The LEaDing Fellows Programme is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND which will run from February 2017 till February 2022. It provides 90 researchers from all over the world who recently obtained a PhD, with the opportunity to gain two years of work experience in the challenging, internationally acclaimed and multidisciplinary environment offered by Leiden University, Leiden University Medical Centre, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus Medical Centre and Delft University of Technology.

The aim of the programme is to provide opportunities for international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary research training. More general information about Marie Curie COFUND can be found here.