Formulare Promotion/Habilitation

important note

According to the Hochschulstatistikgesetz (University Statistics Law) from 2 November 1990 (Federal Law Gazette I p 2414), which has been amended by Article 3 of the Law from 7 December 2016 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 2826), the TU Bergakademie Freiberg is obliged to deliver annual statistics about their doctoral students to the Kamenz Statistical Office.

For this reason, you are obliged to complete the following data sheet as an annex to the “Declaration of Intent”. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you have to report any change regarding these data as well as interruptions during the doctoral studies to the Graduierten- und Forschungsakademie (Graduate Center of Advanced Study and Research).

In addition, due to the legal regulations, we will ask you annually whether you would like to continue with your doctoral studies or not.

The collected data will be used exclusively for internal purposes (administration of the doctoral process) as well as in an anonymous form for statistical queries from third parties (Statistisches Landesamt, ministries, etc.). We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your co-operation.

note refering data protection: because of several different workarounds there is no protection of your data input through "https". If you want extra protection while your data input, please consider the usage of a VPN-Service. Via VPN your data input is extra protected by the VPN-Tunnel of the Bergakademie, similar to https. For more on this service please visit Of course you are able to input data into the form even without extra protection. VPN and https are only protecting the input of the data and the transfer from the user to the server anyway, but do not affect the data storage. Once saved on the server, the data is protected from access by the firewall of the Bergakademie and the special server architecture. So, your saved data are protected but the data input is not for sure.

The information you enter in the following form, are obliged by the "university statisitics law". Thank you for your understanding.

Personal Details


Indicate the country of your birth. If your country is not listed, please type it manually by using the last option in the drop down field "manual entry".

Please indicate your nationality (e.g. german). If the fitting state is not listes in the drop down field, please type it manually by using the last option "manual entry".

Please indicate your second nationality for the case you have two nationalities.
e.g. British

Main place of residence:

Format: Musterstraße, 11

e.g.: Freiberg

(e. g. appartement, floor etc.)

Please enter your e-mail address. (if possible, please enter the e-mail under which we can cet in touch with you, even after finishing your phd studies)

format: +49 172 - 010101010

Where and when did you receive the university entrance qualification (see "when selected...")?

Please read the university entrance qualification (see "when selected...") carefully and select the appropriate answer. We thank you very much for your comprehension and appreciate your support.

Format: yyyy

Where and when did you enroll for a study programme for the first time?

Please indicate the name of the university where your first academic degree was obtained.

Please indicate the country only when the first enrolment was in a country other than Germany.

Format: yyyy

Qualification/Examination/Degree which is required for doing doctoral studies

(if you earned multiple degrees, please state the latest one)

(Master, Diploma etc.)

e.g.: Master, Magister, Diploma, Master (University of Applied Sciences)

e.g..: Geology, Physics, Mechanical engineering, Business administration

Difference between semesters of university and semesters of major?

Semesters of major including just the time of the above mentioned studies/subject. Semesters of university are all semesters you spent at your educational institution (college or university) overall. Semesters you spent at other universities (e. g. cancelled studies) or spent with other subjects are not included within the count of semesters of major.
For example: You did two semesters in the subject of geoinformatics, but cancelled this studies. After that, you finished a master studies in success (at the same university) within four semesters. Consequently you have to type in "4" semesters of major in that field.

Format: dd/mm/yyyy

eg.: 1,70; 20; 80%; A; MVG; ...

e.g.: TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Is there co-operation with other institutions within the framework of the doctorate?

A co-operation exists only if it is an institutional co-operation, that is to say, there is a contract or an agreement between the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and the other institution.

Please indicate the name of the university/institution/research institute with which the TU Bergakademie Freiberg made a contract-based cooperation within your phd studies.

Do you plan to do structured doctoral studies?

(e. g.: Dr. Erich Krüger Forschungskolleg; Graduiertenkolleg SFB)

(structured doctoral studies = subsitution of the doctoral viva)

(only to select, if you are really participating in a structured phd program. If you are doing the structured phd studies on your own, just skip this question)

Please select "yes" only if you earned a country scholarship of Saxony. Otherwise please select "no".

Type of registration as a doctoral student

Please inform the Graduierten- und Forschungsakademie about each leave of absence as well as interruptions during the doctoral studies also in future. This information is required in order to calculate statistically correct durations of doctoral studies.

to be completed only when chosen "leave of absence/interruption"

Please fill in the beginning and ending of leave of absence / interruption (eg parental leave, stays abroad, etc.) in chronological order:

Format: dd/mm/yyyy

Format: dd/mm/yyyy

Format: dd/mm/yyyy

Format: dd/mm/yyyy

Format: dd/mm/yyyy

Format: dd/mm/yyyy

Referring to the higher education statistics law, the correct date of the beginning of your PhD studies is the date of the letter you get from the faculty council regarding the „Decision of the Faculty for Admission“.
If you didn’t get this letter, please let this field empty.

Please indicate the end or the expected end of the doctoral studies (regardig your declaration of intent).

further information

The following information is used within the administrative processing of your dissertation.

Note: Please keep in mind to tell the phd department any divergences, refering your doctoral studies, immediately.

Due to the complexity of the data query, the student registration number is legally required for the statistics and should avoid duplications.

please choose the academic degree that allows you to apply for doctoral studies (Usually the highest degree. If you have multiple degrees - like one Dipl.-Geol. and one MBS - please type in the degree that topical-wise suits your docotrale studies the most.)

(at the current day)

Information about doctoral studies

At which faculty of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg you do your doctoral studies?

When delivering the data to the State Statistical Office, the name of the study programmes offered at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg must be stated instead of the subject of your doctorate. Please select the degree program closest to the subject of your doctorate.

Please indicate the topic or the prospective topic of the doctoral thesis.

e. g.: employment at the industry, at a research institution or at an other university

Business address:

(only to state, if you are currenty acting at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg)

Please indicate your business e-mail address.

(phone number under which you are available during the day)
format: +49 172 - 0101010

Confirmation of correctness

With my signature, I confirm the correctness of the information provided.
I agree that the data collected with this query can be used for statistical issues in an anonymous form in accordance with the Higher Education Statistics Law, as well as partly for the organization of the doctoral procedure.
I am aware of the fact that I have to report any interruption (family-related or other break) to the Graduierten- und Forschungsakademie in order to ensure that statistically correct data on the doctoral periods can be recorded.


Date, Place

19. August 2018, 02:26

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