Qualification modules

As one of our main tasks, we develop and implement an offer that supports the development of competencies and skills of our young scientists.

Our broad offer is divided into several modules. They are based on the requirements for responsible positions in science and university teaching, as well as outside the university.

Overview of our modules of skills development

  • Scientific Working: Support while doing your doctorate
  • Teaching/University teaching methods: Support for your teaching
  • Leadership/Key Competencies: Support for your personal development and preparation for future leading positions
  • Research Management: under construction
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  • Project Erfolgsteam "Junge Frauen an die Spitze"
  • Accompanying programme addressed to young female researchers

  • For a period up to three years, participants get the chance to acquire skills needed for a future career in science.
    Counselling Courses are the right format for a lot of issues you deal with while working in science – but not for every aspect. Some issues demand individual or institutional counselling or coaching. We also provide you with information related to your doctorate (e.g. about administrative procedures, structured doctoral studies or financial issues).
    Events Besides courses and counselling we also offer and organise additional events such as Krüger-Colloquium or doctoral students day. The main objective is to foster our young researchers and their networking.