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Higher education didactic education-, advisory- and networking offers are developed and implemented by the TU Bergakademie within the project "Lehrpraxis im Transfer". Our current courses.

The project is addressed to all university teachers. We lay the focus on the teaching of MINT-courses and economic sciences in all the offers for the TU Bergakademie. The project is a joint project of all universities in Saxony.

Map of Saxony with all affiliated universities.

Overview of the measures within the project

  • discipline-specific and media didactic training offers for university teachers in the field of MINT-courses and economic sciences
  • exchange on subjects and problems of higher education didactic in Saxony
  • new impetus and suggestions for teaching
  • regular meetings with colleagues of universities in Saxony
  • financial support of cross-university innovative teachings and learning projects
  • Consulting and company for interested and participant teachers at the TU Bergakademie for application and realization of the projects
  • Consulting and supporting university teachers in all fields of higher education didactic
  • Teacher exchange
  • Institute consultation
Media didactics
  • Consulting for the use of media in teachings
  • Support of media didactic projects
  • Networking offers for media didactic topics

The project promotes the transfer of current higher education- and media didactic theories for training practice and the exchange of appropriate learning concepts across university boundaries. It is coordinated by the institute “Hochschuldidaktischen Zentrums Sachsen” (HDS) www.hd-sachsen.de and funded from the project „Qualitätspakt Lehre“ www.qualitaetspakt-lehre.de of the BMBF.


Dr. Theresa Wand

Dr. Theresa Wand

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