Stratigraphical Collection


Through the work of Karl-Armin TRÖGER (born 1931), the Stratigraphical Collection takes a leading place in Germany today. In its exemplary didactic exhibition important profiles and sedimentary environments from Central Europe are presented, involving Western and Eastern Europe. Taking into account the global paleogeographic situation in each geological period the connection is made between formation and living environment as well as rocks and fossils, over a period of more than four billion years of geologic history.


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A view into the Stratigraphical Collection
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Organizing principle is the formation period of the rocks (with the fossils contained in them) and the different sedimentation and formation environments (orogens, old platforms, young platforms). Special emphasis is placed on the acquisition and representation of type profiles, biostratigraphical key forms, phylogenetic series and ecological differentiation.

The collection contains approximately 70,000 macrofossils and more than 12,000 microfossils, and about 15,000 lithostratigraphically and ecostratigraphically relevant rock samples. There are also approximately 14,000 specimens and sections.

Flyer about the Paleontological and Stratigraphical Collection

Flyer about the Paleontological and Stratigraphical Collection