Petrological Collection


The beginning of the rock's collection was the geognostic part of the Werner-Collection. The museum was considerably enlarged by the private KUEHN collection. The rocks were first separated from the former ore deposit collection after 1920, when petrology was established as a course. In 1958 an own exhibition was installed for the Petrological Collection for the purpose of teaching and research. The stock contains now about 16.000 samples. Important historical stocks are collections from the famous Russian rock processing plant Kolyvan and the collection of rocks from the Chibine Complex, donated by the Arctic Institute of the Soviet Union in 1931.


The following link takes you to some photos of collector's items from the Petrological Collection.

A view into the Petrological Collection
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The exhibition shows the systematics of magmatic, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and is organized following the text book by PFEIFFER, KURZE & MATHÈ, 1981.

Today the collection comprises about 16.000 specimens.