Fuel Geological Collection


First samples of peats and coal originate from BREITHAUPT, v. COTTA and STELZNER. In 1927 a systematic arrangement of the collection of fuel geology was undertaken by STUTZER, when the Institute of Fuel Geology was established.


The following link takes you to some photos of collector's items from the Fuel Geological Collection.

A view into the Fuel Geological Collection
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After moving this collection from the Humboldt-Bau into a building on the heap of the Reiche Zeche in 2001, a small exhibition, which is accessible for students and other visitors, must be limited to the following three aspects:

  • genesis, petrography and use of peat
  • biochemical and geochemical coalification
  • petrography of lignite and hard coal

Today, the collection comprises about 30,000 reference samples and 30,000 specimens and sections, giving insights into the geology of coal, oil and natural gas. A part of this collection is displayed in a permanent exhibition. The mechanisms of coal formation from peat through lignite to hard coal and the petrography of lignite and hard coal from various deposits are shown. Moreover, the petroleum source rocks, mineral oils and the natural products of metamorphism can be seen, as well as various products of petrol chemistry.