Mineralogical Collection


The Freiberg Mineralogical Collection is linked to famous names such as WERNER, MOHS, BREITHAUPT, WEISBACH, KOLBECK and v. PHILIPSBORN. They were responsible for the management, enlargement and completion of the stocks. In 1946, the Mining Academy was reopened, and LEUTWEIN took over the charge of the collection. In 1958, ROESLER became the director of the museum. An extensive international trade system was established to complete the collection in times of financial difficulties. Today the collection comprises about 80.000 specimens.


The following link takes you to some photos of collector's items from the Mineralogical Collection.

A view into the Mineralogical Collection
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The exhibition is subdivided into the following sections:

  • The systematical collection is arranged following the classification of STRUNZ and the text book by ROESLER. Both, crystal chemistry data and genetic relationships are considered.
  • A regional collection is displaying minerals from the eastern part of Germany.
  • Special exhibitions are dedicated to subjects such as:
    • Crystallography
    • Jewels and precious stones
    • Meteorites
    • Whewellite
    • Amber

Important historical stocks of the museum are the original mineral discoveries by WERNER, BREITHAUPT and WEISBACH, as well as the Rittersgrün meteorite and the WERNER's assets. New important stocks are a proustite collection and fine bismuth specimens from Schlema, native silver from Pöhla, as well as whewellite crystals from Freital, Schlema and Ronneburg.