Geoscientific Collections

Welcome at the Geoscientific Collections of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg!

Entrance to the Geoscientific Collections

The Freiberg collections belong to the 10 oldest of the more than 450 important geoscientific collections in the world. They were found in 1765 together with the Mining Academy to ensure that the students are well trained and possess a readily applicable knowledge. Up to the present days, the museums provide a unique basis for teaching and research.

The museum's foundations were donations of the founders of the Mining Academy F. A. v. HEYNITZ (1725-1802) and F. W. v. OPPEL (1720-1769).

Einer Tradition treu zu sein bedeutet, der Flamme treu zu sein und nicht der Asche

The collections are subdivided into 6 sections that are stored at the Mineralogical Institute (A.-G.-Werner-Bau) and at the Geological Institute (A.-v.-Humboldt-Bau). Large parts of the collections are open to the public and even more extensive stores can be used by researchers from Germany and abroad. Moreover, a large collection of reference materials is available. Due to the attractively of the exhibits and the quality of presentation, the collections have become a prime visitor's magnet at Freiberg.