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10. April 2019 | Stefan Buske awarded for outstanding teaching


Prof. Dr. Stefan Buske was awarded the price for outstanding teaching from the German Geophysical Society.


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Bild Carolin Schneider

Abraham-Gottlob-Werner-Preis to Carolin Schneider

EAGE chapter trip to 3D seismic survey in Austria

DAAD award for Ammar Ghanim


Karl-Zoeppritz-Preis für Dr. Jana Börner

2. Dezember 2017



50 Jahre Observatorium Berggießhübel, more info

Julia Weißflog

SEG Scholarship to Julia Weißflog, more info

Günther-Bock-Award to Felix Hlousek, more info
 DGG Best Poster Award to Marko Riedel, more info
 Georgius-Agricola-Medal to Sebastian Hellmann, more info
Jana Börner

DGG Best Oral Presentation Award to Jana Börner - more information

28. November 2015:


GAP 2015 

May 14-17, 2015: GAP 2015

Geophysikalisches Aktionsprogramm

August 22-23, 2014: Pre-Workshop on Numerical Modelling
 Best Poster Award of DGG to Maik Linke, more info
 10-14 March 2014: DMG MTex course, more info
7. December: Geophysical BARBARA-KOLLOQUIUM, more info
24. October: CGG company presentation / recruitment visit, more info
 9.-12. September: Borehole acoustics and -seismics course, more info
4. September: 2013 SEG Honorary Lecturer Valentina Socco, more info

Best Presentation Award of DGG to Catrina Alexandrakis, more info


Scholarship of the Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard-Foundation for Jana Börner, more info


ICDP/IODP Kolloquium 2013, more info


3D seismic survey for geothermal exploration completed, more info

10 Mill. Euro Halliburton software grant, more info


DMG Doktorandenkurs: Texture Analysis with MTEX emphasizing EBSD Data Analysis, 18. - 22.03.2013, more info

  10. Forum für Geoinformationstechnologie, 21.06.2012, more info
 Einführung in die Texturanalyse mit MTex, 5.-11.05.2012, more info
 Visit of SEG Honorary Lecturer Dr. Ian Jones, 02.04.2012, more info
 Rundtischgespräch Georadar, 06.+07.10.2011, more info (in german)
9. Forum für Geoinformationstechnologie, 21.06.2011, more info
 New SEG student chapter "TUBAF Geophysical Society" founded, 10.05.2011, more info
 Buchheim-Kolloquium, 19.10.2009, more info (in german)
 DGG-Tagung, 03.-06.03.2008, more info (in german)
  4th International Symposium on Three-Dimensional Electromagnetics, 27.-30.09.2007, more info, conference photo
  58. Berg- und Hüttenmännischer Tag 2007: GIS Kolloquium, more info
  Summerschool 2005: Textures and microstructures in Earth Sciences, more info