Institute of Geophysics and Geoinformatics

In research and teaching, we focus on the development and application of new and advanced methods for the investigation and characterization of structures and processes within the Earth's interior.


On the geophysical side, the scope of our activities is centered on applied techniques to explore the earth from the near surface down to depths of about 100 km. For this purpose, we develop numerical simulation and imaging/inversion software for electromagnetic fields and seismic waves, which play a fundamental role for the discovery and utilization of energy and resources (oil/gas, minerals, geothermal reservoirs, water, etc.).

On the geomathematics and geoinformatics side, we focus on the (mathematical) analysis of inverse problems in geoscience and the development of methods for the numerical and information theoretic processing of corresponding data. A particular focus is on potential field data (such as gravimetric and geomagnetic satellite data) and corresponding approximation and inversion methods. Beyond that, we are interested in models for spatially and temporally referenced multi-dimensional geodata.

Within a strong Faculty of Geosciences, Geoengineering and Mining we are engaged in conceptual developments for an environmentally reasonable and sustainable usage of resources.

Please browse through our research fields and projects and feel free to contact us for questions or cooperation!


Geoelectrical measurements on the ground.
From winter semester 19/20 there will be a new international Master's degree at TU Freiberg. Supported by the Franco-German University, a double master in geophysics was decided between the Institute of Geophysics and Geoinformatics and the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris. … weiterlesen

Vier Personen mit Urkunde
Dr. Christian Gerhards will be appointed Professor of Geoinformatics and Geomathematics at the Faculty of Geosciences, Geoengineering and Mining at TU Bergakademie Freiberg on October 1, 2018. … weiterlesen

Group Photo
The first twelve students of the German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology received their Bachelor's degrees in June. Each of them had completed a four-year course of study in environmental engineering, mechanical engineering or raw materials processing. … weiterlesen

Underwater Researchers
Underwater researchers from TU Bergakademie Freiberg travelled to Egypt recently to participate in the International Red Sea Symposium in Hurghada from May 11 to 12. … weiterlesen

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