Graduate Students

Doctoral candidates

Benita-Lisette SonntagTiP: material flow arround the eastern Himalayan syntaxis
Michael HohfGeology of giant porphyry copper deposits of Chile
Afzal Gulzar     Geo-Thermochronology of the Hindu Kush and the pre-Cretaceous rocks of the Pamir   
Sanaa AbdulhameedGeo-Thermochronology of the Uzbek-Tajik Tian Shan and the Tajik Basin
Peter Hallas

GEM: Texture analysis, petrology and geochronology of ultra-high pressure rock of the Variscan orogen

Sonja Frölich

Geology of Badakhshan, Afghanistan, and the Triassic-Cretaceous orogeny in the Hindu Kush and the Pamir

Eko Yoan Toreno

Geochronology of Myanmar

Franz Müller

Tectonics of the Saxo-Thuringian Zone, Saxon Granulite Massif, Berga Antiform

Former Doctorands (incomplete)

Daniel RutteTIPAGE: Tectonics of the Central Pamir, Tajikistan; now visiting scholar at the Berkeley Geochronology Lab., USA
Zhao YangThermochronology of the foreland of the Qinling orogen and ZFT methodology; now assistant professor, Northwestern University, Xi'an, P.R.China
Margret FuchsTIPAGE: geomorphology and OSL Geochronology of river incision in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan; now researcher at HIF (Helmholtz-Center Freiberg)
Alexandra KässnerTIPAGE: tectonic evolution of the Tajik depression and the western Tien Shan; now researcher at Institut of Mineralogy, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Lukasz GagalaStructural studies in the Tajik Depression. Determination of subsurface geometries of a fold-and-thrust belt shaped by coeval thin- and thick-skinned thrusting with contribution of salt diapirism. Definition of sub-salt plays; now at Hellas Petroleum
Bastian WauschkuhnINDEPTH IV: thermochronologic evolution of the eastern Tibetan Plateau; now at researcher at the Institute of Geology, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Jahanzeb KhanTIPAGE: thermochronology of the Central and Northern Pamir, Tajikistan; now assistant professor at Azad Jammu and Kashmir University
Konstanze StübnerThe giant Shakhdara migmatitic gneiss dome, Pamir, and methodologic work on particle-track dating; now researcher at University of Potsdam
Eva EnkelmannExhumation and deformation of eastern Tibet and the Qinling and methodologic work on particle-track dating; now professor at the University of Calgary, Canada
Jens GrimmerThe Tanlu fault zone of eastern China and foreland deformation of the UHP Dabie orogen; now researcher at the KIT, Karlsruhe
Myo Min

Thermochronology of the Mogok belt of Myanmar and the Caribbean plate boundary in Guatemala and Honduras; now professor at the Univ. of Mandalay

Tobias Stephan

ZIM+GEM: Paleogeographic and Structural Control on the Arcuate Variscan Belt