Peter Hallas

PhD Student

tectonics and mineral deposits Variscides / 3D modelling



Peter [dot] Hallasatgeo [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de


+49 3731 39 3748

Postal Adress

Technische Universität
Bergakademie Freiberg
Department of Geology
Bernhard-von-Cotta Straße 2
09599 Freiberg




Scientific Work

Research Interests/ PhD project

I study the (micro-) structural evolution of tin (-tungsten) enriched rocks during prograde, conservative metamorphism. For this I prospect pelitic, psamitic and volcanic rocks. Similar geochemical signatures, same ages, but different PT-histories are necessary within one rock group in one region. My working areas are the Erzgebirge region, for a pressure dominated metamorphism history and the Galicia region, for a temperature dominated metamorphism history. The methods I use are thin sections, geochemical analyses and SEM analyses (MLA, EBSD). The aim is to lern about textural and recrystallization behaviour of different minerals during prograde metamorphism and a feasible coupled enrichment of economic-relevant elements, e.g. tin.

Within a project for „Developing a method for three dimensional forecasting of covered mineral deposits”, I am part of a group working on a 3D model for the Erzgebirge - Vogtland - Fichtelgebirge region (Saxo-Thuringian Zone).


GEM - Granitgebundene Erze strategischer Metalle - Bildungsbedingungen und Ableitung innovativer Suchkriterien (BMBF, R4)

Entwicklung eines Verfahrens zur dreidimensionalen Prognose von verdeckten Rohstofflagerstätten am Beispield des Erzgebirges (BMWT, ZIM)


Stephan, T., Hallas, P., Kroner, U. (2015): 3D modelling of the Variscan granites in the Erzgebirge-Vogtland-Fichtelgebirge area. CETEG2015 Kadan, CZ

Hallas, P., Kroner, U. (2014): Variscan Tectonics in the Erzgebirge of the Saxo- Thuringian Zone: Lateral Extrusion into a Pre-Existing Nappe Pile. TSK15 Potsdam

Stephan, T., Kroner, U., Hahn, T., Hallas, P., Heuse, T. (2014): Fold/Cleavage Relationships as Indicator for Sinistral Transpression in the Rheno-Hercynian - Saxo-Thuringian Boundary Zone, Central European Variscides. TSK15 Potsdam

Hallas, P., Kroner, U. (2013): Variscan Tectonics of Allochthonous Units of the Saxo-Thuringian Zone: An E-W Profile from the Gneiss Dome of Catherine-Reitzenhain to the Berga Antiform. GeoPilsen2013


Master´s Thesis: Variscan Tectonics of Allochthonous Units of the Saxo-Thuringian Zone: A W-E Profile from the Gneiss Dome of Reitzenhain to the Berga Antiform supervised by PD Dr. Uwe Kroner and Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schulz

Bachelor´s Thesis: Strukturgeologische und Sedimentologische Untersuchungen an der Tanner Grauwacke, Harz. supervised by Dr. Uwe Kroner