Daniel Rutte

Daniel Rutte

Doctoral April 2011 - Jul 2015


now at Berkeley Geochronology Center & University of California, Berkeley

Structural Geology and Geochronology

TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Bernhard-von-Cotta-Str. 2
09599 Freiberg


 Daniel and the donkey

Daniel and field assistant in the Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan


My project: Cenozoic crustal thickening and gneiss-dome exhumation in the Central Pamir

I am working in the tajik Central Pamir with a focus on the Cenozoic burial and exhumation of the (east to west) Shatput, Muskol, Sares and Yasgulem domes. The Pamir is situated above the western Syntax of the India-Asia collisional system. The Pamir is an exceptional orogen in several respects: It hosts one of the few intracontinental intermediate depth seismicity zones on the planet, interpreted as an intracontinental subduction by some researchers. It belongs to the most S-N shortened part of the India-Asia collisional system offering a window into deep crustal processes through the Neogene exhumation of "my" domes (in contrast to Tibet). The boundary between externally drained mountain belt (western Pamir) and internally drained plateau (Eastern Pamir) runs through the middle of my working area.


Methodologic work: The irradiation parameter 'J'

I am trying to better understand the irradiation parameter 'J' in Ar-Ar dating, Neutron fluence gradients and find alternative fluence monitors.


The methods I am using to answer my research questions:


Scientific work


Stearns, M.A., Hacker, B.R., Ratschbacher, L., Rutte, D., Kylander-Clark, A.R.C.(submitted) Titanite petrochronology of the Pamir gneiss domes: Implications for mid–deep crust exhumation and titanite closure to Pb and Zr diffusion, Tectonics

Rutte, D., Pfänder, J. A., Koleška, M., Jonckheere, R., and Unterricker, S. (2015) Radial fast-neutron fluence gradients during rotating 40Ar/39Ar sample irradiation recorded with metallic fluence monitors and geological age standards. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst. doi: 10.1002/2014GC005611

Stübner, K. Ratschbacher, L., Rutte, D., Stanek, K., Minaev, V., Wiesinger, M., Gloaguen, R. (2013) The giant Shakhdara migmatitic gneiss dome, Pamir, India-Asia collision zone: 1. Geometry and kinematics. Tectonics, 32, doi: 10.1002/tect.20057

Stübner, K., Ratschbacher, L., Weise, C., Chow, J,. Hofmann, J., Khan, J., Rutte, D., Sperner, B., Pfänder, J.A., Hacker, B.R., Dunkl, I., Tichomirowa, M., Stearns, M.A., Bahram, I., Gadoev, M., Gloaguen, R., Jonckheere, R., Kanaev, E., Minaev, V., Oimahmadoc, I., Rajabov, N., Stanek, K.P. (2013) The giant Shakhdara migmatitic gneiss dome, Pamir, India–Asia collision zone, II: Timing of dome formation. Tectonics, 32, doi: 10.1002/tect.20059

Conference Abstracts/Participations (only first authored):

Rutte, D., Ratschbacher, L., Khan, J., Stübner, K., Stearns, M.A., Pfänder, J.A., Schneider, S. 2014 Compression and syn-compressional extension - exhuming the Cenozoic Central Pamir Gneiss domes, Tajikistan. Poster presentation at EGU 2014, Vienna

Rutte, D., Ratschbacher, L., Khan, J., Stübner, K., Stearns, M.A., Pfänder, J.A., Schneider, S. 2014 Cenozoic Extensional Exhumation of the Muskol and Shatput
Gneiss Domes During Orogenwide Contraction (Pamir, Tajikistan). Poster presentation at Symposium on Tectonics, Structural Geology and Geology of Crystalline Rocks, Potsdam

Rutte, D., Unterricker, S., Pfänder, J.A., Jonckheere, R. 2013 Monitoring the 40Ar/39Ar irradiation parameter 'J' without using geological age standards. Poster presentation at Goldschmidt conference, Florence

Rutte, D., Ratschbacher, L., Stearns, M.A., Khan., J., Pfänder. J.A., 2013 Miocene exhumation of the eastern Central Pamir gneiss domes (Tajikistan). Oral presentation at Himalaya-Karakorum-Tibet workshop, Tübingen

Rutte, D., Stearns, M.A., Ratschbacher, L. 2013. The eastern Central Pamir Gneiss Domes: temporal and spatial geometry of burial and exhumation. Oral presentation at EGU 2013, Vienna

Rutte, D., Stearns, M.A., Ratschbacher, L., Hacker, B. 2012. Miocene gneiss-domes in the Central Pamir: burial and exhumation. Poster presentation at Himalaya-Karakorum-Tibet workshop, Kathmandu

Rutte, D. et al. 2012. Geodynamics: Central Asia projects of the Freiberg group – focus on the Central Pamir. Oral presentation at DARIUS workshop Milan on Cimmerian evolution of Iran and Central Asia, Milano

Rutte, D., Ratschbacher, L. and Hacker, B. 2011. Cenozoic structure of the Central Pamir. Poster presentation at European Geosciences Union Vienna



Masterthesis „First-order Cenozoic structure of the Central Pamir“, supervised by Prof. Dr. Lothar Ratschbacher and Dr. Richard Gloaguen;

Bachelorthesis: “Petrographic, thermobarometric and microstructural results from the Jinsha suture, Yushu area, Northeast Tibet”, supervised by Prof. Dr. Lothar Ratschbacher and Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schulz;



Participation in the DAAD RISE program

DAAD travel grant for the Himalaya-Karakorum-Tibet workshop, Kathmandu 2012

DAAD travel grants for fieldwork in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013

Student support grant for European Geosciences Union conference, Vienna 2011

Fulbright Scholarship for an exchange semester at the Colorado School at Mines and an academic training with Bradley Hacker at the University of California, Santa Barbara 2008/2009


Some impressions from my field area:

View over the Muskol range
View over the Muskol range


eastern, Pamir plateau
View over the Shatput dome and its cover in the easternmost, Pamir plateau


Bozbaital valley
Donkeying up the Bozbaital valley with local shepherds to explore the connecting structures of Muzkol and Sarez gneiss domes.



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