Everybody is welcome!

The aim of this event is for both staff and students interested in Earth Sciences to broaden their knowledge. The Kolloquium is a platform where interdisciplinary and innovative projects and ideas are presented and discussed.

All staff members and especially students are welcomed to assist at the presentations and participate in the discussions.



at least twice a month
Wednesday 16:00



Lecture hall MEI-0080, Otto-Meißer-Bau

Usually, the discussion continues informally around a small buffet (organized by the inviting person; will be announced).



Richard Gloaguen
Institut für Geologie
TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Tel.: +49 3731 392770
gloaguenatgeo [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (gloaguenatgeo [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de )

The preferred language for both the talk itself and the following discussion is English.


Schedule / Vortragsplan

DateSpeaker and TitleHost
04.04.12room not available
09.05.12Prof. Serge Shapiro, Univ. Berlin: Fluid induced seismogenesis: from geothermal to shale gas applicationsBuske
23.05.12Valery Golubev, Moskau: "Perm-Trias Tetrapods"Schneider
20.06.12Prof. Stephen Miller, Univ. Bonn: "Zen Trees, Aftershocks, and Fluid-Controlled Earthquake Cycles"Buske



past invited speakers


DateSpeaker and TitleHost
30.05.2007Thorsten Nagel (Univ. Bonn):"Tektonisches Modellieren" pdfHelmut Schaeben
13.06.2007Vera Pawlowski-Glahn (Universidad de Girona): The Aitchison geometry of the simplex and the statistical analysis of compositional data pdfHelmut Schaeben
11.07.2007Renée Heilbronner (Basel): The geometry of diffusion creep: What the microsctructures of the Troms nappe eclogites (Caledonides, Norway) can tell us about fast exhumationpdfHelmut Schaeben
24.10.2007Mark Handy (FU Berlin): Strength, seismicity and the mechanical role of solids and melts in the continental lithosphere pdfGloaguen & Ratschbacher
07.11.2007Sean Willett(ETH Zürich): Climate and Erosional Impacts on the Structure of the Alps pdfHelmut Schaeben
15.11.2007Special session Distinguished Mineralogical Society of America Lecturer Daniele Cherniak Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA: Diffusion in minerals - from dinosaur teeth to the early Solar System. pdfJoerg Matschullat
16.11.2007Special session Distinguished Mineralogical Society of America Lecturer Daniele Cherniak Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA: Diffusion in zircon and other accessory phases - insights into Earth history. pdfJoerg Matschullat
28.11.2007Marian Werner (DLR, Oberpaffenhofen): The TanDEM-X mission, a TerraSAR-X add-on for Digital Elevation Measurement: pdfGloaguen
05.12.2007CANCELLED Werner Smykatz-Kloss (Univ. Karlsruhe): Angewandte Mineralogie am Rande der libyschen Wüste: pdfGerhard Heide
12.12.2007Friedhelm von Blanckenburg (Univ. Hannover): The links between climate, tectonics, land use, and denudation from cosmogenic nuclides in river sediment.pdfGloaguen & Ratschbacher
09.01.2008Nikolaus Froitzheim (Univ. Bonn): Extraction faults: ein neuer Typ von Verwerfungen, zum Beispiel in den Penninischen Alpen.pdfHelmut Schaeben
23.01.2008Ulrich Berner, BGR: "Steuerfaktoren im Klimasystem der Vergangenheit, pdfSchneider
16.4.2008Marek Awdankiewicz (Univ. Wroclaw): Volcanism and magmatic evolution in a late Paleozoic, post-orogenic, intracontinental setting: selected results from the Sudetes (SW Poland)pdfBreitkreuz
30.4.2008Stefan Jung (Univ. Hamburg): On the duration of orogenic processes - Constraints from mineral and whole rock equilibria pdfPfaender
28.5.2008Patrick O'Brien (Univ. Potsdam): Understanding ultrahigh pressure metamorphism and lithosphere dynamics: challenge for the 21st century...pdfRatschbacher
11.6.2008Jan Flusser (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) and Barbara Zitova: "Image registration by means of moment invariants." pdfIAMG Student Chapter
25.6.2008K. Fischer (Univ. Bochum): "Evolution of the Variscan foreland-basin: modelling the interactions between tectonics and surface processes". pdfSchaeben
02.7.2008Roderick Brown (Univ. Glasgow): Why is Africa so high?pdfWiesinger & Jonckheere
09.7.2008Bernd Wünnemann FU Berlin: Landscape and Lake-System Response to Late Quaternary Monsoon Dynamics on the Tibetan Plateau Northern TransectpdfRatschbacher
laterStefan Schmid (Basel): Alpen, Karpathen, Dinariden-Helleniden: wie hängen diese Gebirge zusammen, wieviele Ozeane hatte die "Tethys"?Helmut Schaeben
01.10.2008Stephan Sobolev (GFZ Potsdam): Thermomechanical modeling of lithospheric-scale deformations at plate boundaries.Ratschbacher
15.10.2008Andreas Stracke (ETH Zürich): "Inferring mantle composition from studies of oceanic basalts: Examples from mid ocean ridges, Iceland and Atlantic ocean islands: pdfPfaender
12.11.2008Erik E. Scherer (Univ. Muenster): "The Lu-Hf system: a versatile geochronometer and tracer Earth's chemical differentiation"Pfaender
26.11.2008Jonas Kley (Univ. Jena): Tectonics of the northern Tien Shan, Kazakhstan: Some data and open questions.Gloaguen
10.12.2008Lothar Viereck-Goette (Univ. Jena): Initiation of Large Igneous ProvincesBreitkreuz
14.01.2009Hilmar von Eynatten (Univ. Göttingen): "Sedimentary provenance analysis: from sink to source"Breitkreuz
28.01.2009Manfred Buchroithner (TU Dresden): "Methods of modern spaceborne glacier mapping in the Himalayas" pdfWiesinger
04.02.2009Bernd Milkereit (univ. Toronto): Geophysical Imaging of a "Blind" Zn-Pb-Ag DepositBohlen
11.02.2009Claude Rangin (CEREGE College de France): Gravitational tectonics at crustal scale in Burma, the Gulf of Mexico and France.Ratschbacher
25.02.2009Christoph Hennig (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble): Formation and Structure of Uraninite ColloidsMerkel
11.03.2009Franz Neubauer (Univ. Sazburg): "Qaidam, the deepest basin on Earth"Ratschbacher
25.03.2009Roland Oberhänsli (Univ. Potzdam): The Bitlis massif and the Anatolian PlateauRatschbacher
02.04.09Stephen E. Kesler ( University of Michigan): "Earth's Ultimate Metal Resources: Tectonic Diffusion and Geochemical Cycles"Gutzmer
08.04.09Silke Merchel FZD Rossendorf: "Cosmogenic nuclides: Endless opportunities?" pdfGloaguen and Co.
22.04.09Ralf-Dietrich Kahlke: Untermassfeld - A key site for reconstructing the late Early Pleistocene (Epivillafranchian) mammal fauna of Europe pdfSchneider
06.05.09Gerhard Wörner (Univ. Goettingen): Evolution of the Central American land bridge : evidence for a maturing island arcGloaguen
20.05.09Kerry Gallagher (uni. Rennes): "When we don't know how many things we don't know - Transdimensional Modelling in Earth Sciences"Jonckheere and Wiesinger
03.06.09Thomas Litt (Univ. Bonn): Lake Van Drilling Project in Turkey, International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP):Results of a recent site survey and perspectivespdfSchneider
17.06.09S. Geyer, C. Siebert, T. Rödiger (UFZ Halle): Combined application of hydrogeological methods for the characterization of of water resources in trans-boundary Middle-East.Gloaguen
15.07.09K. Huhn (MARUM Bremen): Investigation of kinematics and mechanics of accretionary wedges - analogue vs.numerical sandbox experiments? pdfGoerz
30.09.09Jürgen Kopp: Erzführung an der Zechsteinbasis innerhalb des deutsch-polnischen BeckensSchaeben
07.10.09Alex Webb (LSU): New observations require a tectonic wedging model for the Himalayan orogenGeoArc
28.10.09Carsten Münker(Uni. Bonn): Early history of Earth and the solar system.Pfänder
18.11.09Holiday in Saxony!
25.11.09K Stüwe (Uni. Graz): "Using drainage morphology to derive tectonic Information: Modern modelling techniques applied to examples in the India-Asia collision zone and the European Alps."GeoArc
02.12.09Peter Krause (Univ. Jena): "Water and Nutrient Transport Simulation with the JAMS / J2000 Modelling System"Gloaguen
09.12.09Todd Ehlers (Uni. Tübingen):"Glaciation and the Topographic Evolution of Orogens"GeoArc
16.12.09POSTPONED Derek Rust (Uni. Portsmouth):"Studies of active faulting in the central Tien-Shan mountains, Kyrgyzstan"GeoArc
13.01.10Peter Van den haute (Univ. Ghent): “Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) as a tool for the age determination and timing of young Quaternary climatic, tectonic and morphological events.Jonckheere
20.01.10Ausonio Ronchi (Univ. Pavia): "Upper Carboniferous to Middle Triassic stratigraphic correlation of Sardinia in the Western Peri-Tethyan Domain"pdfBreitkreuz
27.01.10Oliver Ritter (GFZ Potsdam): Magnetotellurics: a geophysical deep sounding method to investigate tectonic problems.GeoArc
31.03.10Derek Rust (Uni. Portsmouth):"Studies of active faulting in the central Tien-Shan mountains, Kyrgyzstan"GeoArc
21.04.10J. Goetze (Univ. Freiberg): "The brilliance of imperfection - cathodoluminescence in geosciences".Geoarc
28.04.10T. Hillmann: "Speicherung und Visualisierung raum-zeitlicher Daten" pdfSchaeben
26.05.10Jana & Roland Zech, Uni Bern/Brown University USA, 10-Be surface dating in the Pamir, Central Asia, and the Andes, South America
02.06.10Jennifer McKinley, Queen's University Belfast: Applying spatial analysis techniques to the multi-source geophysical and geochemical data: Case study from the Tellus Project, Northern IrelandSchaeben
09.06.10T. Voigt, Uni. Jena: Tectonic evolution of Pamir and Tien Shan, what do the sediment tell us?GeoArc
16.06.10Ed Sobel (Uni. Potsdam): Strike-slip fault deceleration constrains timing of Pamir - Tien Shan collisionGeoArc
23.06.10S. Bonnet (univ. Rennes): "Climatic influences on landscape dynamics and uplift in nature and experiments"GeoArc
30.06.10Ewald Hejl (Univ. Salzburg): "Fission-track thermochronology and tectonic development along the western extension of the North Antolian Fault Zone."GeoArc
07.07.10Philippe Herve Leloup (ENS Lyon): Constraints on continental collision models from P-T-D-t paths: examples from the Ailao Shan - Red River shear zone (Indochina) and the Ama Drime range (South Tibet)GeoArc
27.10.10Francoise Debrenne, Muséum National d'Histoire Narurelle: Paleobiogeographic aspects of Cambrian reefs - role of archaeocyathan biology in reef build-upsElicki
03.11.10Michael Kühn (GFZ Potsdam): "Odds and risks of CO2 storage: Experiences from pilot site Ketzin"Merkel
17.11.10Buss und Bettage
24.11.10B. Bookhagen (UC Santa Barbara): "Rainfall and Erosion in the Himalaya: Processes, Timescales, and Rates"GeoArc
01.12.10G. Hetenyi (ETH Zurich):"Structures and modellings of the Himalaya-Tibet system"GeoArc
08.12.10Florian Heidelbach, Bayerisches Geoinstitut:"Experimental constraints on the plastic deformation and anisotropy of mantle minerals"Schaeben
 POSTPONED Helmut Willems (Univ. Bremen): "pre-collisional sedimentary history in the Tethyan Himalayas of Tibet and Ladakh"GeoArc
 POSTPONEDJ. Sebastien Steyer (Natural History Museum Paris): "New tetrapods in the Permian and Triassic of Northern and Western Africa; implications on the Pangaean climates"Schneider
19.01.11Flavio Anselmetti, Eawag, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology: Climate, Environment and Mayas: The Late Quaternary history of the Yucatan PeninsulaGeoArc
13.04.11Eric Kirby (Penn State): "Expression of active tectonics in erosional landscapes".Geoarc
11.05.11Thomas Zack: "New avenues in Rutilology"Geoarc
08.06.11Dahm (Geophysik, Uni Hamburg): "How large may gas- and oilfield triggered earthquakes grow? Examples from Ekofisk and Rotenburg"Buske
15.06.11Dr. Garbe, (Wollongong, Australia): "Texturanalyse mittels Neutronenstrahlung bei der Australian Nuclear Science and Technologie Organisation (ANSTO)"Schaeben
22.06.11Michael Szurlies:"Paleomagnetics in the Oil and Gas Industry"Matthias Franz
11.01.2012Joern Kruhl: "Quantification of complex rock structures"H. Schaeben
18.01.2012Andrea ZanchiL. Ratschbacher
25.01.2012Christopher Juhlin (Uppsala University): "Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides (COSC): Deep drilling into a fossil mountain belt"S. Buske