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News: What is going on at Freiberg´s Geology? - talks, lectures, defences of master and PhD thesis, work shops, conferences.

Schüler: You are still a pupil? - Information for all of you thinking about studying geoscience.

Studenten: You are already student at Freiberg? - Here you will find all you need about lectures, tutorials, scripts and excercises

Forschung: Recent research activities? - Here you will find information about our research activities

Mitarbeiter: You are looking for somebody of our staff? - The who is who of Freberg Geology.

Recherchen: Looking for a publication from Freiberg ? - Publications from Freiberg including master and PhD thesis, Freiberg Online Geology (FOG) and more...

Alumni: Join our alumni club? - do it here ang get news for and around alumnis

Dienste: Interested in our services? have a look at out laboratories and mineral as well geological collections

Geostandort Freiberg: Freiberg Center of Excellence for Geoscience and Geotechnique. Links to other geo institutes and departments at Freiberg

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