Collection of documents

We would like to actively support you in accomplishing your studies. To do this, we have established a collection of supporting documents for your studies. The collection includes:

  • exams
  • practical course documents
  • exercises

Our list of modules can be an initial indication of whether documents are available to meet your needs.

We are happy to provide you with the documents. If you would like to have documents, please contact us. You will receive download links to the desired modules from our Nextcloud.

Your completed exams and learning materials are always in demand - this is the only way to keep the collection growing and up-to-date! So after the exam/test, quickly write down what you still know. Just as helpful are solved exercises or study notes you have written yourself. Everything that helped you in your preparation will also help future generations.

Reminder of exam correction

Usually, examinations should be corrected and submitted to the examination portal within 4 weeks after the examination date. The examination regulations regulate this in §9 (3) clause 3 with the words: "The assessment procedure should not exceed four weeks." 

That doesn't always work out. Sometimes it's just a strain on your own patience, in other cases there can be time pressure when further exams have to be written, the Master's thesis has to be started or the BAföG has to be extended. 

We have created the exam reminder system for these problems. We ask the lecturer in an uncomplicated way what the status of the correction is and, if necessary, send a "reminder" for the outstanding assessment procedure. This way, you remain anonymous and are protected from getting into personal trouble. Do you have an exam that you've been waiting a long time to get back? Just write us an email at fsr4atstura [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de.


We are always happy to answer your questions about your studies. If you have any problems, we will try to help you as much as possible. If necessary, we can also put you in touch with your examination board or your study commission.

The advantage of our counselling is that we can speak from student to student. This may make it easier for you to deal with certain problems during your studies. The advisors already have similar experiences with certain modules and exams and can certainly tell you some tricks.

Study commissions and examination committees

The study commission and the examination board are the bodies that are concerned with the organisation and implementation of your study course.

The study commission has the following functions:

The study commission advises [...] on the organisation of teaching and study activities. It must be consulted before the study and examination regulations are drafted or revised. [...] It has the right of initiative in the faculty council regarding its tasks. Its decisions on the organisation of teaching and study are binding, unless the faculty council decides otherwise with a majority of two thirds of its members. 
The study commission conducts student surveys in cooperation with the student council.

The examination committee deals with:

The examination committee is responsible for all matters concerning the examination regulations, in particular for:
1. the organisation of examinations,
2. the recognition of periods of study as well as of study and examination credits,
3. the appointment of examiners and assessors,
4. deciding on appropriate examination conditions for students during parental leave,
5. the decision on appropriate examination conditions for disabled and chronically ill students.

You can find the members of these committees in this document: study commissions and examination committees.