About us

The Faculty Student Council (FSR) is the directly elected representation of the students of a faculty. In the Faculty of Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering, up to nine members are elected to the FSR each year. The legislature lasts for one year.

We try to represent the student body as broadly as possible and to attract students from all study programs to the FSR. Unfortunately, this is not always successful. So if you have not found yourself represented with your course of studies, we suggest: All students who are part of the student body of Faculty 4 and would like to get involved may stand for election. The elections take place every year in April or May.

The student council has a wide range of responsibilities

  • We represent the interests of the students of the faculty. 
  • We help with problems during studies and with questions that arise.
  • We organize events and excursions, e.g. the orientation week, student council evenings or the annual Christmas party.
  • We talk to professors and staff when there are difficulties in the course of study.
  • We collect documents about the modules you are taking in your studies and passes them on to you.
  • We network with other student councils and acts as student representative body throughout Germany and Europe.