Teaching Summer Semester

The lecture schedule will be published in mid-March. You can find it at https://evlvz.hrz.tu-freiberg.de/~vover/ (Please note which semester is displayed in the top drop-down menu).

Under "Pläne nach Studiengang" you have the option of having the plans for your degree programme displayed depending on the semester. If you choose the output in html format (alternative would be pdf) and click on the link provided with the courses in the html document, you will usually also receive information on the corresponding OPAL course.

OPAL is a learning platform and is used by the majority of teachers at our university, e.g. to provide scripts and videos. Furthermore, you have the possibility to register in the internship groups. You can find more information about the OPAL system at https://tu-freiberg.de/studium/service/e-learning .

For the courses of our faculty the links to the OPAL courses can also be found at https://tu-freiberg.de/en/fakultaet5/study/courses-offered-summer-semester