Around the study

The TU Bergakademie offers more than 60 degree programmes in the subject groups mathematics and computer science, natural sciences, geosciences and geo-engineering, engineering sciences and economics. Good supervision, extensive advisory services and well-organised studies are hallmarks of studying and teaching at the TU Bergakademie. continue

Teaching offer for the summer semester 2021

Due to the Corona pandemic, the courses for the summer semester 2021 will be offered online from April. You can find a list of the courses offered by the faculty hier.

 Study documents

Every degree programme is based on study and examination regulations. These determine the content of the degree programme, all regulations, deadlines and other important facts. continue (in German)

Student Council 5

Fachschaftsrat 5, TU BergakademieThe student council consists of 9 members and is elected every year by the students of the faculty. The tasks of the student council include reading, writing, forwarding and redirecting many e-mails, representing the students in the university committees, organising events such as freshers' week, barbecue evenings, get-to-know-you evenings, film evenings, student counselling, first semester counselling and assistance with exams.continue

Job portal

Jobportal TU BergakademieThe job portal is a service of the Career Center and offers information on job vacancies in various regions and fields. continue (in German)