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No information is yet available on how the courses will be held in WS 2021/22; it is highly likely that the courses in the first two semesters of the English-language degree programmes will be held online.

Important information on the e-learning tools and services used as standard and on how students can use them can be found here.

The following list contains the status as of July 2021. More detailed information can often be found in the actual OPAL courses.

The number of participants in face-to-face courses is limited by the size of the room (as of WS 2020). Priority is initially given to all students for whom the module is part of their study regulations.

Courses in English (Status September 2021)
Course (with link to module database)LecturerDocuments
Advanced Electron MicroscopyDr. MotylenkoOPAL
Advanced Methods of in situ CharacterizationDr. WeidnerOPAL
Analysis of the Real Structure of MatterProf. Rafaja / Dr. MotylenkoOPAL
Applied Pyrometallurgy (2)Prof. CharitosOPAL
Atomic Physics / Introduction to Atomic State....Prof. RafajaOPAL
Carbonization of Biological MaterialsDr. Petrenko
Diagnosing short-lived transient States of MatterDr. ZastrauOPAL
Experimental Methods of Structure Characterization of MattersDr. WüstefeldOPAL
Foundry Process Design (only exercise)Dr. Renker


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Functional NanomaterialsProf. Heitmann / Prof. JosephOPAL
Fundamentals of Ferrous MaterialsDr. WendlerOPAL
Marine BiomaterialsProf. Ehrlich
Metallic MaterialsDr. WeidnerOPAL
Moulding and Core TechnologyDr. WeiderOPAL
Numerical Simulation in Metal FormingProf. PrahlOPAL
Practical Aspects of Thermodynamic AnalysisDr. FabrichnayaOPAL
Seminar Technical BiomaterialsProf. Ehrlich
Sensors and ActuatorsN.N. 
Technology of Iron and SteelDr. GutteOPAL
Technology of Long and Flat Products (2)Prof. PrahlOPAL
Thermochemical ModellingProf. VolkovaOPAL
Thermodynamics of Materials (without Lab Course)Dr. FabrichnayaOPAL
Virtual and Rapid Prototyping in Castings ProductionProf. SzuckiOPAL

Please contact Dr. Renker for any changes/references/supplements.