Courses offered by Faculty

Important information on the e-learning tools and services used as standard and on how students can use them can be found here.

Courses will start in online format at the beginning of the semester. In the OPAL courses you will find the corresponding information on which type the courses are offered.

Courses in English (Status March 2022)

(Basics of) Coatings TechnologyDr. WüstefeldOPAL
Analysis of High Temperature Processes in Extractive MetallurgyProf. CharitosOPAL
Applied Pyroetallurgy (1)Prof. CharitosOPAL
BiomineralogyProf. Ehrlich
Carbonization of Biological MaterialsDr. Petrenko
Foundry Process DesignProf. SzuckiOPAL
Functional Nanomaterials (2)Prof. Heitmann, Prof. JosephOPAL
Fundamentals of Plastic DeformationProf. PrahlOPAL
Introduction to Atomic and Solid State Physics ->Selected Topics of Solid State Physics  
Introduction to PyrometallurgyProf. CharitosOPAL
Materials ScienceDr. MartinOPAL
Melting Technology in FoundriesDr. Dommaschk, Dr. KeßlerOPAL
Modern X-ray OpticsDr. ZastrauOPAL
Numerical Modeling of Foundry ProcessesProf. SzuckiOPAL
Practical Course Metallurgy (TAIEM)Institut of Iron and Steel TechnologyOPAL
Research Seminar (MMT)Dr. UllmannOPAL
Research Seminar and Journal Club (TAIEM)Prof. Aneziris Prof. VolkovaOPAL
Selected Topics of Solid State PhysicsProf. RafajaOPAL
Special Steel TechnologyProf. VolkovaOPAL
Steel ApplicationDr. WendlerOPAL
Structure and Microstructure AnalysisProf. RafajaOPAL
Technical BiomaterialogyProf. Ehrlich
Technology of Long and Flat Products (1)Prof. PrahlOPAL

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