Dear students,

Dekan Prof. Rafaja

We are pleased to be able to invite you again to attendance events in Freiberg. We know very well that the past time was difficult for you and that especially the practical part of the education such as practical courses and excursions suffered from the online teaching. We also know that the lock-down negatively affected your social contacts and your communication with other students as well as your contacts to your teachers and supervisors. Still, I hope that the students approaching the Master thesis have already found an appropriate topic and a supervisor of choice.

In order to be able to stay with the classroom teaching during the whole term and beyond, we strive toward ensuring your safety in the lecture halls, in the seminar rooms and during the practical work in the laboratories and in the pilot plant stations. We hope that the current safety measures will help us to keep the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg to be a safe place. For more details, contact your student representatives.

As we know that the COVID pandemic is not fully overcome yet and that many of the first semester students enrolled for the English master programmes offered by our Faculty of Materials Science and Materials Engineering are not in Freiberg and cannot attend the on-site lectures, we will continue to offer lectures, seminars and practical training in online form. In order to be able to prepare and to plan the on-site, online and hybrid courses, I would like to ask you for letting us know as soon as possible, who of you is already present in Freiberg and who of you will arrive during the winter term. If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, you are welcome to attend the tutorials offered by the University and by the Faculty of Materials Science and Materials technology, which will help you to overcome the problems possibly arising at the beginning of your study in Freiberg.

I wish you all the best for the next future. Stay healthy!

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. David Rafaja