PhD Regulations and Declaration of Intent

The regulations and declaration of intent required for the PhD are available at the following links:

  • PhD regulations of the Faculty (valid for declarations of intent confirmed by the Faculty Council after 4 July 2017)



The habilitation is the recognition of a special qualification for independent research and teaching in a specific subject or subject area (teaching qualification).

In order to be able to habilitate, one must have obtained a PhD and be able to demonstrate scientific activity after the PhD in the subject area for which the habilitation is being sought.

After a successful habilitation, the degree of habilitated PhD of the corresponding faculty is awarded. The PhD degree is given the suffix "habil.".

The legal basis for habilitation is the Habilitation Regulations of 22.05.2001 (in German) in conjunction with the Statutes amending the Habilitation Regulations of 21.04.2005.



GraFaThe Graduate and Research Academy (GraFA) is the central institution for PhD and postdoctoral students at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. The main focus of its work ranges from dealing with the administrative issues of the PhD and Habilitation up to Further Training (in German) and promotion of young scientists.