Education Organisation Summer

Dear students

Dekan Prof. Rafaja

Despite our hope that the summer term 2020 can start in a regular manner, the current development of the COVID 19 pandemic makes the semester start in a digital form necessary. Some of you know this form of the study already from the past term, where you were confronted not only with a new form of the lectures and seminars but also with digital exams, in particular with written exams in digital form. You can believe me that this change was hard not only for you but also for your teachers. Still, by offering exams in digital form, we wanted to keep a way for your further study open, especially for those of you, who could not come to Freiberg in the last time. From the first feedback, we already know that the start of the digital exams was not smooth. Please let us know what the major problems were and are. Certainly, a part of the problems was caused by a deficient communication and lacking information. In order to improve the information flow, you will find an updated list of the courses, which are offered in the summer term, on the web page of our faculty

On this web page, there are also direct links to the OPAL courses, where you can download the teaching documents and additional information, and from which you can contact your lecturers. For a list of further contact persons, see

From OPAL, you have also a direct access to the digital lecture rooms. Some of you are already in Freiberg and work on their research projects or theses. I am sure that the Institutes of our Faculty will guarantee your access to the laboratories and equipment also in the next future. Furthermore, depending on the number of the COVID cases, we will open the rooms – first for the practical courses, and later on for seminars, exercises and lectures. Simultaneously, we are working on a further development of digital formats in the education. Your feedback to this topic is extremely important for us. Tell us, please, what you like and what you dislike.

I wish you all the best for your further study. Stay healthy!

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. David Rafaja