Teaching and Study

Program of study "Geotechnics and Mining Engineering" for at least 9 semesters graduating with an Engineering Diploma degree as Mining engineer. (Master equivalent)
In total 15 lectures for 11 different study courses are currently offered.
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Underground Mining I
Underground Mining II
Underground Mining III

Underground Mining Technology

Extraction Basics/ Geotechnical Mining Methods

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Blasting/ Mine Ventilation

Special Mining Procedures and Disposal Mining

Fundamentals of Underground Mining Engineering 
(GtB-Gt, GtB-BF, Ma, WIW,
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Special Civil Engineering III



  • Seminars and Presentations of Industry Partners
  • Theoretical and Practical Courses
    • Health and Safety
    • Mine Rescue (BG RCI – HGRW Leipzig)
  • Practical Courses in our experimental Mine "Reiche Zeche"
    • Sampling & Mining Methods
    • Drilling & Blasting
    • Haulage & Hoisting
    • Rock bolting & Ventilation
    • Mine Rescue exercises
  • Field Trips (National, International)
  • Student theses with Industry partners

Compact courses for Industry:

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  • "Mine Ventilation" for mining companies and operators of visitor mines
  • "Underground Mining" for manufacturers of mining equipment

International Courses

  • Theoretical and practical advanced qualification for miners from Chile, Thailand and Poland

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  • European Geotechnical and Environmental Course (EGEC)
  • European Mining Course (EMC)
  • Student exchange with Universities in Canada, USA, Russia, France, Austria et al.

Cooperation with Schools
College and mining promotion at regional and superregional high-schools.

OPAL Online-Plattform
Enrolment for lectures and courses