Topics for bachelor, master and diploma theses

Topics for bachelor, master and diploma theses:

  • Rock mechanical laboratory tests

  • Numerical simulation of laboratory experiments

  • Material law developments

  • Stability calculations for mines or tunnels

  • Development of tools for numerical simulations (software development)

  • Geomechanical problems of old mining

  • Geomechanical problems in the use of underground cavities

  • Geothermal energy

  • Geomechanics for underground energy and resource storage

  • Renovation of natural stone structures and monuments

  • Geomechanical effects of dynamic and cyclic loads

  • Geomechanical problems of dumps and settling tanks

  • Innovative processes of rock crushing and raw material extraction

  • Investigations on offset materials incl. Dimensioning

  • Safety ratings for barrier layers

  • Numerical simulation of geological processes

  • Numerical simulation of masonry structures

  • Development and testing of innovative in-situ and laboratory measuring methods

  • Geomechanical assessment including simulation of mass movements (rockfall, avalanches etc.)

  • Geomechanics for hard rock quarry and rock embankments


  • Prof. Dr. habil. Konietzky
  • Dr. Herbst
  • M.Sc. Morgenstern
  • other employees of the chair, case-specific

For the preparation of student work at the chair next to the  Guideline of the TU BAF lnternal regulations apply.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. H. Konietzky