- Project schedule

Working plan

The working plan comprises four project phases with overall five main work packages. According to the content, they will be conducted in several sub-actions, leading to a total of eleven separate activities. The work requires the close collaboration of the contributing partners. The exchange between partners is supported by electronic media, by meetings on individual work packages and workshops at the beginning and the end of the project.

Work packages

WP1 Project management
WP2 Evaluation of research results and compilation of basic knowledge for teaching and education
2.1 Regional climate change and its importance for viticulture including topoclimatology and
2.2 Contribution of animal and plant species/biodiversity to ecosystem services in vineyards
2.3 Options for the use ecosystem services in viticultural practice
WP3 Surveys at selected vineyards and of experiences of the wine growers
3.1 Description of species and structural diversity in vineyards of the wineries
3.2 Collection of practical experiences of the wineries related to the establishment and management of
vineyards including aspects of diversity and relevance to climate
WP4 Development of education materials
4.1 Materials for education at universities with presentations, scripts and work sheets for excursions
4.2 Materials for wineries and the public with suitable texts and instructive graphics und pictures
WP5 Test and implementation of the education modules
5.1 Test application in teaching at the university and the wineries
5.2 Regional workshops with presentation and practical tests of the education materials
5.3 Initiatives for dissemination and continuation in practice