Anmeldeformular Großer Beleg / Praktikumssemester (Diplom    Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen)


Registration of Diploma, Bachelor and Master Thesis at the Faculty of Business Administration:


  1. Certificate from the examination office to the respective advisor (Professor). 
  2. Cover sheet by the respective office of the advisor - 4 times (see overview of cover sheets for each course). 
  3. Signature of the advisors.   
  4. Signature of student.   
  5. Signature of the chairman of the examination board of the respective course of study.  
  6. Pick up the cover sheet from the advisory board office.
  7. Extensions are possible for:
    Submission of the health certificate to the examination office automatically leads to an extension of the period by the duration of the detected illness.   
  8. Other reasons: Formal application of the student to the examination board with justification as well as advocacy by the respective Advisor.
    Maximum extension possible according to the respective examination regulations (see overview of final work).   
  9. The Thesis has to be submitted twice, in bound form, as well as once electronically (CD) to the advisor office.


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Overview Cover Sheets for Bachelor and Master Thesis:

Deckblatt für Bachelor BWL

Deckblatt für Business and Law

Deckblatt für Bachelor Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

Deckblatt für Master BWL

Deckblatt für Master Technikrecht

Deckblatt für Master Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen


Overview Cover Sheets for Diploma Thesis:

Diplomthemenblatt für Wirtschaftswissenschaften für Ingenieure, Mathematiker und Naturwissenschaftler

Diplomthemenblatt für BWL

Diplomthemenblatt für Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen