The Institute of Materials Science

The Institute of Materials Science (IWW) at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg was founded 1916 as self-operating "Metallographic Institute". Its main focus since that time lies in the explanation of physical properties of metallic and ceramic materials based on the analysis and knowledge of their microstructure.

The research activities focus on basic research to create schematic relationships which explain the materials properties on the basis of their structure on the micro-, nano- and atomic scale. This knowledge is typically applied to design new materials or optimise existing ones for dedicated fields of application.

A major part of the institutes activities is naturally education of students, where the Institute of Materials Science is responsible for the "Materials Science" course in the frame of the "Materials Science/Materials Technology" studies. Students are taught in the basics of how the microstructure of materials affects its physical properties and how to analyse and design both of them.

The Institute sustains a widespread network within the regional and international research landscape. Moreover, it closely cooperates with many german and european research institutions as well as partners in the industry.