Workshop - insight into innovative research

The project "RECYCALYSE" stands for innovative research and sustainability. On Wednesday, interested parties will have the chance to get an insight into the work and progress within the project.

During the free workshop "The non-battery based energy storage" (15.09.2021, 9.30-12.30) the projects RECYCALYSE, AreNHa, NEXT AEC and PROMETH2 will present their work.

The four EU-funded projects aim to provide insight into their research, goals and approaches, as their work offers real alternatives to conventional processes.

The projects talk about:

  • new sustainable and recyclable catalytic materials for proton exchange membrane electrolysers (Christian Kallesøe from Danish Technological Institute for RECYCALYSE)
  • advanced materials and reactors for energy storage through Ammonia (José Luis Viviente from Tecnalia Research & Innovation for AreNHa)
  • a big step for next-generation alkaline electrolysers (Jens Oluf Jensen from Technical University of Denmark for NEXT AEC)
  • cost-effective proton exchange membrane wáter electrolyser for efficient and sustainable power-to-H2 technology (Daniel García from German Aerospace Center for PROMETH2)
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