In addition to three professorships, the Institute for Non-Ferrous Metallurgy and High-Purity Materials also has three working groups, focusing on various projects and research areas. Material recycling as well as the development and optimization of processes in the spirit of the zero waste concept are an important part of each working group. Below you can find a small insight into some of the topics we are currently researching:

Semiconductor materials

Research slide for DFG project PA 1236/3-3, "Investigation and further development of high-temperature gas-phase epitaxy for the production of single-crystalline GaN films"


Research slide on the Horizon2020 project "Recycalyse"


Research slide for DFG project SFB 920/3 2019, "Multifunctional filters for molten metal filtration - a contribution to Zero Defect Materials, subproject C06: Determination of the mechanism of action and efficiency of reactive filters to avoid unwanted H2 porosity in aluminum casting and to remove particles and H2 from magnesium melts"

Molten Salt Metallurgy

Research slide of Molten Salt Electrolysis