At the Institute for Non-Ferrous Metallurgy and High Purity Materials (INEMET), the focus is on sustainable and innovative processes that rethink existing production processes and the handling of supposed waste products in the spirit of the circular economy and zero waste thinking. We are characterized by a young and dedicated team working together towards a greener future and revolutionizing non-ferrous metallurgy. Together, we develop existing processes within pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy and the semiconductor industry in working groups and in a variety of projects.

It is important for us to support students as early as possible and to make them aware of the enormous potential and diversity of non-ferrous metallurgy. Thanks to our national and international contacts and good relationships to various companies, we offer a wide range of opportunities from which our students also benefit. They can already gain experience in various fields of work during their academic studies and explore new paths together with us in a familiar atmosphere.

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  • Silver dentrites
  • Conducting experiments in Department of hydrometallurgy
  • Dr.rer.nat. Sandig-Predzymirska and M.Sc. Blenau at work in furnace hall
  • Recycling of electrical scrap (Department of Pyrometallurgy)
  • Dr.-Ing. Fankhänel carrying out experiments (Department of Hydrometallurgy)
  • GaN plant (Department of Semiconductors)