Dr. rer. nat. Lesia Sandig-Predzymirska

Dr. rer. nat. Lesia Sandig-Predzymirska

Dr. rer. nat. Lesia Sandig-Predzymirska

Hydrometallurgy (metal recycling)

Ledebur-Bau, Zimmer E 22

Telefon +49 3731 39-2027
lesia [dot] sandig-predzymirskaatinemet [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de


RECYCALYSE "New sustainable and recyclable catalytic materials for proton exchange membrane electrolysers" (European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreemen No 861960)


  • Sandig-Predzymirska L., Barreiros T.V., Thiere A., Weigelt A., Stelter M., Charitos A.: Verfahren zur Rückgewinnung von Ruthenium aus einem Ruthenium-haltigen Material.DE 102022111440



  • L. Sandig-Predzymirska, T. V. Barreiros, A. Thiere, A. Weigelt, D. Vogt, M. Stelter, A. Charitos: Recycling strategy for the extraction of PGMs from spent PEM electrodes, Proceedings of EMC 2021, GDMB Verlag GmbH, Clausthal-Zellerfeld,pp. 103-114. ISBN: 978-3-940276-96-4.

  • M. Anders, A. Schwarzer, E. Brendler, R. Pollex, E. Schumann, L. Sandig-Predzymirska, S. Kaiser, F. Mertens, Bis-(triphanylphosphane) aluminum hydride – a simple way to provide, store, and use non-polymerized alane for synthesis (submitting phase).


  • L. Sandig-Predzymirska, J. Ortmeyer, J. Wagler, E. Brendler, F. Habermann, M. Anders, M. Felderhoff, F. Mertens, The direct and reversible hydrogenation of activated aluminium supported by piperidine, Dalton Transactions 2020. DOI: 10.1039/D0DT03175E.


  • J. Ortmeyer, A. Bodach, L. Sandig-Predzymirska, B. Zibrowius, F. Mertens, M. Felderhoff, A mechanochemical approach to synthesize the triethylenediamine⋅AlH3 adduct,  ChemPhysChem 2019, 20(10), pp. 1360-1368. DOI: 10.1002/cphc.201801093.


  • L. Shevchuk, І. Aftanaziv, О. Strohan, L. Predzymirska, Investigation of influence of nitrogen on efficiency of vibro cavitation treatment of dairy factory, Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 2014, 3/6 (69), pp. 43-47.


  • O. Kondratovych, I. Koval, V. Kyslenko, L. Shevchuk, L. Predzymirska, N. Maksymiv, Whey disinfection and its properties changed under ultrasonic treatment, Chemistry & Chemical Technology, 2013, 7(2), pp. 185-190.

Conference presentations


  • Sandig-Predzymirska L.: "Recycling of PGMs – essential step for sustainable hydrogen-based economy", BHT Freiberger Universityforum, June 2021. Here you can find the presentation
  • Sandig-Predzymirska L., Barreiros T. V., Thiere A., Weigelt A., Vogt D., Stelter M., Charitos A.: "Recycling strategy for the extraction of PGMs from spent PEM electrodes", European Metallurgical Conference EMC, June 2021.