Current projects and research topics

Aktuelle Forschungen

The Institute for Metal Forming at TU Bergakademie Freiberg is a think tank and future laboratory. In the laboratories and research facilities, scientists develop innovative techniques and processes. Their knowledge and expertise makes the Institute of Metal Forming a sought-after partner for research and cooperation projects with industry. Currently, the employees, in their respective working groups, are researching the following projects:

Light Metals Working Group:

  • Substitution of rare-earth elements in high-strength and ductile magnesium sheet materials
  • System-integrative multi-material lightweight construction for electromobilityt
  • Saxon alliance for material- and resource-saving technologies
  • Investigations and determination of characteristic values for caliber development in continuous wire rolling of magnesium alloys
  • Holistic implementation of resource-efficient shaping processes
  • Development of wire casting rolling technology for magnesium pre-wire profiles
  • Leika: resource-efficient mixed construction methods for lightweight car bodies
  • hybCrash: near-series technologies for highly stressed hybrid multilayer crash structures
  • Production of magnesium wire mesh-plastic composites
  • dahlia: digital technologies for hybrid lightweight structures

Steel and Other Heavy Metals Working Group:

Numerical Simulation Working Group:

Hot Forming Simulation Working Group:

  • MiVia Innovation of material quality control with artificial intelligence
  • Accelerated nanobainitic transformation in low-alloy steels processed by incremental forging (NanoBainControl)
  • Manufacturing load-customized aluminium components by local control of cooling rates as part of Tailor Quenched Forming (combined forming, quenching and hardening process)
  • Development of partial press hardening utilizing advanced bainite transformation models (PressBain)