Working groups

Working group Light Metals

Logo Light MetalsThe work group Light Metals deals with the development and optimzation of production process of semi-finished products and material compounds of light metals e. g. aluminum, magnesium and titanium. The main focus is on the processing technologies for magnesium alloys in combination with the demand-oriented optimization of the mechanical properties.

Working group Steel and other Heavy Metals

Logo Steel GroupThe working group Steel and other Heavy Metals deals with forming processes for the production of sheet, strip, bar, wire, profiles and solid formed parts by rolling, drawing, forging, extrusion, impact extrusion and other processes. Furthermore, the working group is engaged in the determination of static and dynamic characteristics of metallic materials by means of mechanical and technological testing methods.

Working group Numerical Simulation

Logo SimulationThe working group Numerical Simulation is responsible for the simulation of forming processes on the computer using existing models as well as the construction of new models and the development of modelling approaches from experimental & measurement values.

Working group hot forming simulation

Logo Hot Forming SimulationThe work group hot forming simulation determines materials properties as a function of deformation and process conditions in terms of flow curves, TTT diagrams and the provision of data for further modelling. In addition, the work group supports the development of new materials with experimental labratory scale simulation of the whole process chains.

Working group Plant Technology

Logo AnlagentechnikThe work group Plant Technology is responsible for the operation, maintenance and expansion of the IMF rolling mills and test facilities for the simulation of forming processes on a laboratory scale.