Universal forming press


10 MN Universalumformpresse mit Steuerpult und angesetzter Werkzeugwechseleinrichtung

The Institute of Metal Forming has a modern oil-hydraulic universal forming press with a maximum pressing force of 10 MN, which can be operated selectively in the press or drop hammer mode. The press has a universal pick-up option for dies and components and allows the installation of additional aggregates and measuring systems due to the open design of the press stand. The testing possibilities for the press include:

Massiv forming

  • Open die forging (in press or drop hammer operation)
  • Drop forging [die forging] (in press or drop hammer operation)
  • Cast-forging
  • Thixoforming
  • Extrusion
  • Impact extrusion
  • Powder pressing and forming

Sheet Metal forming

  • Deep drawing
  • Press hardening
  • Hydroforming (IHU)

downloadDownload Flyer & technical Data sheet of the 10 MN Universal forming press