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One of the major pillars in the research and activity profile of the Institute of Metal Forming is the work in the field of the production and processing of magnesium flat products. For this purpose, the Institute of Metal Forming possesses a worldwide unique prototype facility to explore the technology of twin-roll-casting as well as the strip rolling technology for the production of magnesium sheet material.

The plant consists of a twin-roll-casting mill for the production of twin-roll-cast material, an air circulating furnace for heating and heat treatment of twin-roll-cast and rolled coils and a quarto reversing stand for rolling of the twin-roll-cast starting material to the desired final thickness. This technology combination makes it possible to save at the same time costs, energy and time by shortening the overall process route, compared to the conventional process route in which thick cast slabs or blocks are rolled down to thin dimensions in complex roll passes with complex intermediate annealing.

Quarto-ReversiergerüstThe improved economic efficiency as well as the improvement of the material properties ensures that flat products made of magnesium twin-roll-cast strip are increasingly in demand on the market in order to serve as a low-cost lightweight construction material for the realization of modern engineering and construction concepts. For this reason, the plant has also been designed on an industry-oriented scale to adapt the research possibilities and activities to the needs of the industry.

Research activities concerning the plant include alloy development, process optimization and numerical simulation.  GmbH. Mainly the widely used AZ31 alloy from the aluminium-zinc alloy series, but also the aluminium-manganese alloy series (AM20, AM40, AM50) as well as rare earth-containing alloys such as ME21, WE43 and WZ73 are investigated.

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