Freiberger Kalibreurstag 2021



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Contents of the calibreurst day:

This year the workshop of the International Calibration Centre is dedicated to the design of calibrations with a special focus on roll forming.

The keynote lecture on the current topic introduces the participants to modern technology concepts for hot and cold rolling of profiles.

In the first part, the user will be given basic knowledge about the material behaviour during forming, its forming limits and the resulting limitations of the rolling technology as well as basic processes of material flow, optimum die filling and the amount of force and work required.

In the second part the knowledge and skills in practical application are to be deepened. On the basis of experimental tests on rolling mills at the Institute for Metal Forming at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, practical knowledge for the design of rolling passes for U, I and double-T profiles will be learned.  



Schedule of the calibreurst day 2021

August,31 2021

1 pmKeynote Lecture: “Modern Technology Concepts for the Rolling of Profiles”
1:45 pmBasics of Groove Pass Design
4 pmDeformation behavior of wrought materials

September, 01 2021

Time           Activity
9 amBasics of Groove Pass Design for Profiles
11 amPractice for the development of stitch plans for rolling U, T and double-T profiles
3:30 pm

Strategy Talk of the International Centre for Groove Pass Design with Handover of the Certificates        

(Summary, Status Report, next Year's Topics)

Award Ceremony in the Student Competition     “Studenten kalibrieren”



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