SFU 2021

27. Saxon symposium of metal forming 

on 18.03.2021 in Freiberg

"Contributions of forming technology for sustainable mobility".


Theme of the SFU2021

Saxony is an industrial location rich in tradition with a distinctive science and research landscape. Preservation, maintenance and expansion of such a structure are of paramount importance especially in the current difficult economic situation in Germany and Europe. Only through intensive cooperation between universities and colleges, non-university research institutions and industry can the effectiveness, quality and reliability of production technology be further increased.

This year's conference will be held under the topic ""Contributions of forming technology for sustainable mobility". The rapidly advancing development in the production technology sector through the introduction of new technologies and materials including changed forms of organization is also a real challenge for forming technology. The focus here is primarily on increasing the efficiency of electric motors and lightweight construction based on materials and design. This is the only way to achieve longer ranges with lower power consumption and the same battery capacity. Against this background, the institutes and chairs of forming technology in Saxony feel obliged to make their contribution to the topic in order to make the corporate strategy of domestic producers more flexible. Thus, the main focus of the contributions of forming technology to electromobility includes the following topics such as:

  1. Lightweight construction in the sense of various further developed cutting, forming and finishing processes that enable more efficient production of components with optimized design for a specific application,
  2. Materials with new functionality for applications in sheet metal and solid forming and
  3. Increasing the efficiency of electric motors through further developments in the cold rolling technology of electrical steel sheets.

The dialogue between the universities is to include above all doctoral students in order to attract and attract the increasingly urgently needed young talent in the technically and economically important field of forming technology.


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Procedure of the SFU2021

The conference will take place online. Further information will follow shortly.



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Prahl

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Prahl

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Dr.-Ing. Sergey Guk

Dr.-Ing. Sergey Guk


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Kristin Butze

Kristin Butze


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